Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio - Additional Resources

Chapter 7: Comping & Arrangement

Workflow Demonstration Video

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Audio Files

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  • Editing Out Clutter: Here are a couple of examples of how a little editing can help improve the clarity of important elements of your mix. Here’s a short snippet from Mix Rescue December 2008 containing a characteristic double-hit snare fill Ex07.01: WAV/MP3play_arrow. Compare that with this version of the same section Ex07.02: WAV/MP3play_arrow, where I’ve edited out a moment of the fuzzy bass synth behind the snare fill, a simple measure which allows the snare fill to pop through the mix more clearly. In a similar vein, compare this file Ex07.03: WAV/MP3play_arrow with this file Ex07.04: WAV/MP3play_arrow. For the latter I’ve momentarily muted the background synth effect behind the word ‘suck’, which immediately makes that lyric demand greater attention from the listener – for more details, check out Mix Rescue February 2010.

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