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Plug-in Recommendation: Sonimus SonEQ ProMac LogoWindows Logo.

As you may already know, I've long been a fan of Sonimus's freeware equaliser SonEQWindows Logo. However, I've recently been trying out the rest of their plug-in range, and have discovered something about SonEQ's bigger brother, SonEQ ProMac LogoWindows Logo, that's quickly turning it into one of my go-to plug-ins. Let me explain...

In most commercial-style mixes I end up adding high-end on my master mix buss -- fundamentally, modern mixes are brighter than reality, and I'd rather add this high end with a single high-quality EQ on the master buss than with loads of CPU-light per-channel HF boosts. For a long time my favourite EQ for doing this master-buss processing was the Pultec emulation in URS Console Strip Pro, because of its uncanny ability to add a sense of air and brightness without making things sound harsh. Unfortunately, URS have yet to upgrade Console Strip Pro to 64-bit, so since moving to a 64-bit DAW I've been hopping between various different plug-ins looking for something that'll do a similar job at a reasonable price. I've had some success with Variety Of Sound's freeware Baxter EQ (but that's PC-only), and various rather more expensive plug-ins from people like Universal Audio and Softube, but now I've discovered that the high band of SonEQ Pro works brilliantly for this, and for only $59. I don't often recommend specific payware plug-ins, but I really think this is something special, so I figured some of you might want to know about it.

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