About Mike Senior

Mike developed an interest in recording while studying for a Music Degree at Cambridge University, and worked as an assistant engineer at a number of London studios including RG Jones, West Side, Angell Sound, and Music By Design. Following an MSc in Music IT at City University, he landed a full-time job as in-house engineer at Great Linford Manor Studios, working with artists such as The Charlatans, Reef, Therapy, Nigel Kennedy, and Wet Wet Wet. In October 1999, he moved back to Cambridge and joined the editorial department of Sound On Sound magazine full-time, where he was Reviews Editor for six years and presided over the launch of the popular 'Studio SOS' and 'Mix Rescue' columns. He now devotes his time to freelance engineering and writing for Sound On Sound, as well as training and consultancy work. His best-selling book Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio provides a complete mixing course based around the techniques of more than 100 of the world's most famous producers.

Mike is one of Sound On Sound's more prolific authors, and you can read some samples of his work on the SOS site by following the links below (although for any articles published within the last nine months you'll need an SOS e-subscription to view them in full):


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  • August 2013 -- 'Impossible Colours: Multiple Mics For Electric Guitar Tone' (MP3)
  • April 2013 -- 'Impossible Colours: Tracking Psychedelic Rock' (MP3)
  • February 2013 -- 'Dunning Kruger: Writing & Recording Cello Overdubs' (MP3)
  • January 2013 -- 'Selwyn Jazz: Mixing A Jazz Big Band Recording' (MP3)
  • October 2012 -- 'Dunning Kruger: Rock Band Location Recording' (MP3)

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