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"I've heard people make very bad records on expensive gear. The gear does not dictate the quality – it's how you use it." - Tony Visconti (producer for David Bowie, Iggy Pop, T-Rex, The Moody Blues, Thin Lizzy)

Over the years, professional engineers have developed a range of techniques for achieving high-quality results even when they're using budget gear or working outside a 'proper' studio environment. Cambridge-MT's Mike Senior specialises in training small-studio engineers to apply such skills so that they can elevate their productions to a professional level, and his most commonly requested training services are listed below. For further details and pricing, please get in touch.

  • Production Critiques: Send in a soundfile of your mix and receive in-depth written feedback on all aspects of the production. As the author of Sound On Sound magazine's regular 'The Mix Review' and 'Mix Rescue' features, Mike is uniquely placed to identify musical and technical issues which may be undermining your work's commercial competitiveness.

  • One-on-one Mix Training: If you operate a small studio and want a fast-track to achieving commercial-quality mixes for your music, then bring one of your productions to Mike's Munich-based mix room and let him work alongside you, explaining how to improve your results at every stage of the mixing process. Alternatively, Mike can also mix and advise on your multitrack production remotely via file-exchange, email, and telephone conversation.

  • Studio Visits: For the ultimate in tailored tuition, bring Mike into your own studio so that he can show you how to achieve release-quality results for your own music, in your own environment, using your own gear.

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