Welcome to the Cambridge Music Technology web site, where you can find out more about the studio services, workshops, and publications offered by award-winning engineer and best-selling author Mike Senior. Please choose the appropriate link below:

AES 2013: Project Studio Expo Seminar Resources: If you attended my Project Studio Expo mixing seminars at the 135th AES convention in San Francisco, you can find all the additional resources I mentioned on this page.

Book: 'Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio': A complete mixing primer, based around techniques from more than 100 of the world's greatest producers. Ever wondered how Mike can achieve such dramatic Mix Rescue transformations using ordinary mass-market gear? This book shows you how, step by step.

Free On-line Mixing Resources: Check out these extensive on-line resource pages, which provide hundreds of in-depth audio demonstration files, the huge 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library for students/teachers, detailed budget-friendly hardware/software recommendations (including Mike's Freeware Top Ten), dozens of mix critiques (with audio files) for ear-training in The Great 'Blood To Bone' Mixoff, and lots of links to further reading.

Studio Recording & Mixing Services: Bring some specialist knowledge on board for your next production to improve the quality of your results, and see for yourself how successfully big-studio techniques can be adapted for even modest studio setups. As you might guess from Mike's 'Mix Rescue' and 'Mix Review' magazine columns, he specialises in mixing work, but he can also offer advice and hands-on guidance at the recording stage to avoid many common mixdown problems at source.

Training & Advice For Small-studio Users: Benefit from Mike's mixing and production skills, as well as his latest research into the techniques of the world's most famous producers and engineers. Options include Production Critiques, 'Fly On The Wall' Mixing Sessions, One-on-one Mix Training, and Studio Visits.